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“Tech Tools We Love” welcomes you!  Each of us has tools and web services that we love and that help us run our workday more profitably. Think Lifehacker meets Small Business Technology. If you or a client can share how a particular software application or hardware gadget is helping you, please sign up for this newsletter which shares details on how we may be able to use your story. More info on this new section and the newsletter below the form.

If you are here from HARO, please feel free to subscribe, but you also can just email me your information from the original query.

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This daily newsletter will be brief and to the point each workday. The goal is to give you a fast look at the top tech news we’re finding each morning as we prepare daily news and weekly posts at the Forbes technology section as well as on Small Business Trends product reviews.

Ultimately, we are trying to make this into a collaborative, community approach to news and tools. The goal is to get the word out about more of our favorite small business owners, entrepreneurs, makers, inventors, hackers, and startups and how they use technology. We’ve found that these real-life stories of how peers, colleagues, and friends are using a tech solution is far more meaningful than a simple product review (although I still do a lot of those and love doing them).

A secondary goal is to use this newsletter as a way to keep business owners, marketing execs, and PR friends in the loop with opportunities to guest post here (and elsewhere), to find new sources of product information to be used in places where TJ publishes, such as, ForbesSmallBizTrends, and on our sites. We maintain a number of maker, inventor, innovation, and manufacturing type websites.

Full Disclosure: TJ McCue owns and maintains this TechBizTalk site and brand. It is not directly tied to Forbes or any other media site. TJ uses this site as a way to filter the many pitches he receives each day. 

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