visually impaired

Wearable Computers with E-Textiles and Conductive Fabric

Wearable computers may be a difficult concept to grasp, but it is one that Lynn Bruning is actually bringing to life. She is a problem solver who thinks in terms of smart fabrics that respond to environmental stimuli – antimicrobial fabrics, thermochromatic fabrics, conductive materials – not just the clothes we wear but also upholstery, [...]

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Assistive Technology Device for the Blind

If your smart phone is set to vibrate when you touch the screen or use the keyboard, you know what haptic technology is. This tactile feedback technology can now go a step further in assisting the disadvantaged. The “Tacit” project created by Steve Hoefer, of Grathio Labs, creates hope for the visually impaired. Tacit is [...]

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