NASA Going Social, Launching Probes – Good For Entrepreneurs And Inventors

NASA will host an event for 65 of its social media followers on Oct. 15, 2012, at the Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex in California’s Mojave Desert. You might call this a tweetup or social networking IRL, but either way, the space agency should be applauded for reaching out the community that cares about them. [...]

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Robotics Goes Social With RoboBRRD and Erin Kennedy

RoboBrrd may change the way you think about robots. In fact, this fun creation by Erin Kennedy may be thinking on its own in the near future. It is already interacting and learning from others. I’m not sure if he learned much from Mike at Pixar… Not long ago, I joined in ‘The Robot Party’ [...]

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Google And Bing Search Engines Get Smarter, More Social

As Google and Microsoft plan to make the search experience better for consumers, small business will benefit. Some call it a search engine war. It is more like a search engine extravaganza. Read on. Google calls its new work the “Knowledge Graph” perhaps similar to Facebook’s Social Graph, but Google wants to inventory the 3.5 [...]

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