C-3PO Would Pick Wall-E For Robot Hall of Fame – Cast Your Vote Online

The Robot Hall of Fame needs help to select four robots for induction into the hall. The new robots will be inducted in a ceremony Oct. 23, when they will take their place alongside such notables as NASA’s Mars Sojourner, Honda’s ASIMO and Star Wars’ R2-D2 and C-3PO. The robot nominees list is an impressive [...]

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Crowdfunding for Makers and Artisans with IndieGoGo

Funding startups and new ideas has been historically difficult and notoriously so. IndieGoGo and the concept of Crowdfunding aim to change that. Salva Rubin tells me IndieGoGo is a commercial venture that brings together the collective resources of people who in turn help to fund efforts of others. Starting a cancer research charity at age [...]

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