Design A New Foot If The Shoe Does Not Fit — Laser Sintering a Prosthetic Leg

C.J. Howard, a northern California-based rock-climbing enthusiast, is a lower-leg amputee. He relies on a customized prosthetic foot that he designed with climbing partner and environmental/aerospace engineer Mandy Ott. The pair had the prosthetic made with a laser sintering process. This technique is considered an additive manufacturing technique not unlike 3D printing that builds a [...]

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Laser Diode Creates World’s Smallest Semiconductor Laser For Optical Computing

Small is the new big. China, Taiwan, and United States physicists have teamed up to develop the world’s smallest semiconductor laser. This emerging photonic technology breakthrough has potential applications from computing to medicine. Researchers at The University of Texas at Austin, in collaboration with colleagues in Taiwan and China, have developed the tiny laser, a [...]

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Laser Systems Industry $7.1 Billion In 2011 Year Nothing To Sneeze At

Laser cutting is a little-known aspect of manufacturing that is growing considerably for small business owners and urban manufacturers. With 2011 bringing in $7.1 Billion and $7.3 Billion forecast in 2012, the overall laser industry is still looking at a strong year of sales, especially in this economy. Read the Full Post on Forbes.

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