Crowdfunding for Science and STEM Education

There is so much that scientists still don’t know – but there isn’t a lot of funding out there for research subjects that could be construed as obscure. Crowdfunding website RocketHub and their partner #SciFund Challenge aim to create resources for exactly this type of research. Inventors and entrepreneurs already benefited greatly from crowdfunding and [...]

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Hackerspaces as Startup Incubators

Mark Cuban expresses the rather novel idea that the best businesses usually start with no money and that sweat equity is the best startup capital there is. I kind of get what he’s saying, but I want to talk about another important requirement for anyone with a game changing idea: a hackerspace; a makerspace. [...]

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Crowdfunding for Makers and Artisans with IndieGoGo

Funding startups and new ideas has been historically difficult and notoriously so. IndieGoGo and the concept of Crowdfunding aim to change that. Salva Rubin tells me IndieGoGo is a commercial venture that brings together the collective resources of people who in turn help to fund efforts of others. Starting a cancer research charity at age [...]

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