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Google Reviews and Local Search Changing

I just posted about these recent changes in my Forbes blog, but wanted to share a couple of images here.

When you do a search for Seattle Pizza, you see the results carousel ribbon/banner with black background. When you hover over a result in that banner, you get a change in the Google Maps result below (as you can see in this first image).

Seattle Pizza results with Google Carousel _HOVER

Then if you click on one of the results it takes you directly to a search result (usually with that company’s website in the first place), then there is a Google Maps page for that business listing to the right. Of course, if you click the map, from there you can see various reviews and map data on that company.

Seattle Pizza results with Google Carousel _click to Map

What I like about this “Google Carousel” ribbon is you see some core data about the company you searched — how many reviews, for instance.

You can read the full Forbes post here: Google Reviews More Prominent With Official Knowledge Graph Update. LINK


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