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Cell Phone For Business – Ting Review

UPDATE: My company recently (on June 10, 2013) moved to become a Ting Reseller. We are so impressed with the service that we added another phone for one of our team and plan to add at least one more. The a la carte level of plan is exceptional and allows you to go over plan with no penalty. If you have 100 minutes (only $3/month) selected and you hit 300 minutes, Ting just scales you up for the month and you revert back to your original minute plan the next month. Easy and painless. We cannot recommend it enough.  This link takes you to the details on Cell Phone Plans for Business (and Consumers). I encourage you to try the Savings Calculator first.

One additional reminder: Ting is on the Sprint network, but they are not Sprint. They license bandwidth/usage and provide their own phones and customer service.

A few weeks ago I wrote a post on my Forbes blog, What Phone Should I Get? because I hear the question often enough. But, frankly, I am tired of the major carriers and the many convoluted plans. I’m a small business owner and I want a simple, easy-to-understand cell phone plan.

I want one that’s flexible and that lets me pick the options I want, not buy some huge bulk package of minutes, text, and data. You may be like me, and if so, read this review of Ting – a new mobile phone provider leveraging the Sprint network.

Ting offers a wide range of cell phones. I chose the Samsung S3 for my evaluation. Ting loaned me a phone, but I went through the purchase process to see if it was as easy as they said. I’m happy to report that it was indeed easy, fast, and actually refreshing. I did it all online and never had to speak to a “customer service rep” to figure out my plan. As you can see in this screenshot below, you pick the options you want and it calculates and recalculates your monthly bill.

Ting Cell Phone Plans

So, I picked the “S” size and over the last two months, my bill averages $16/month. Sure, you have to buy the phone first, but you’re not locked in to a big plan. And if you go over, they simply bump you to the next plan. No excessive “overage” charges. Just move you to the next slot. If you go under one month, then they credit you the next. I didn’t go over in my first month, but plan to go over so that I see what happens on my bill. Then, I’ll up the plan and stay under and see what happens. Stay tuned.

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