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Post A Tweet Directly From Google Chrome

Save time tweeting. This tutorial post outlines, in six very short steps (about 5 minutes) how you can set up a simple hack to post a tweet directly from the Google Chrome address bar without going into the full Twitter dashboard and community. I love this hack. It saves me time, tons of time, and keeps me from getting distracted. It isn’t Tweetdeck or HootSuite, but it works well and lets you fire off a fast status update without the extra steps of other apps, programs, or going directly into the full Twitter dashboard.

Step 1: Open up your Google Chrome Settings as shown below. Click the Gear or Settings Icon in upper right corner, then, click Settings.
Google Chrome Settings

Step 2:  You are then taken to the main Settings page, which has a Search section, then Manage Search Engine area as shown here. Click that Manage Search Engines button.
Google Chrome Settings - Manage Search Engines
Step 3: Scroll down through a bunch of search engines until you are at the bottom of the screen and see an empty box that looks like this screenshot:

Google Chrome Settings - Add A Search Engine

Step 4: This is the important part. You want to add three things here. First, you have to name your new “search engine” or shortcut/hack. I call mine Post A Tweet, as you see. In the NEXT field, you add a shortcut term or keyword. I only used the lowercase letter “t” which I’ll explain why in a second. Then, you add the URL string that you need to get directly to the Post A Tweet window in Twitter. In this THIRD field, you add this exact string in bold here, then hit OK or Save:


You have to add the above URL / string or you won’t have a new shortcut to the Post A Tweet window in Twitter.

Google Chrome Settings - Add Post A Tweet shortcut hack

Step 5: Test it out. Go to your Google Chrome Address bar field where you usually add a website URL to visit. You will type your keyword or term or letter here and hit the spacebar. I hit “t” and press space. It then shows me the name of my search engine: Search “Post A Tweet”. As you can see, I enter a bit of text and whatever I want to tweet, including this post link. Then simply hit RETURN or ENTER.

Post A Tweet Screenshot

Step 6: You are then transported to the Compose a Tweet window in Twitter, sans any of your Twitter stream followers or friends, and your content is in the Compose box already. You just have to press tweet (or Sign In and Tweet if you are logged out). That’s it. You have sent a tweet, from within an isolated window within Twitter, and can jump back into your workflow.
Post A Tweet Twitter Screen

Let me know what you think. I love this shortcut.

I’m trying to sort out the same hack/shortcut/improvement in Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, but so far, no luck.

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