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Is Your Time Important? Try Timely

Each week, many of you will tweet something out. Where do you do that from? Is it from the Twitter dashboard (which can be immensely distracting) or do you use a specific tool? I discovered Timely.is the other day and have really enjoyed using it to share content, original tweets, and web pages that I like.

Timely.is for Social Media Sharing

Is Your Social Media Time Valuable? Try Timely to save time and effort in sharing your latest news.

It is a fast, lightweight app (I am using it from Google Chrome) and with just a simple bookmarklet (drag the “Create a Timely” button to your toolbar) you can create a tweet or Facebook update.

As you can see in the screenshot, I can pick the account on the left (FB or Twitter). In the upper right, I can drag the bookmarklet to the toolbar and that opens up this larger window you see here that says “Writing a post about Timely.is right now…”  That’s what opens when I click the bookmarklet.  I can also just go to the Timely site itself and click in the “Schedule a Post?” area and that works, too.

What I Like:

I dig that in one dashboard I can write, schedule, and monitor performance of a tweet or share. Pretty elegant.

Of course, it is free, but not all things free are good. Timely is both — free and good. It is fast, as I said, and doesn’t appear to have the cap or limit that some other free social sharing services/apps have.  At least, I haven’t hit a limit  yet. To be clear, though, your tweets don’t go out right away — they stagger them to send them at the best times. How they determine “best” I have not yet determined.

What services do you use and like for social media sharing? Clue me in with an email (in the right sidebar over there).

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